Frequently Asked Questions

Q?When is the check-in and check-out time?
Check in starts from 14 and check out is until 10.
You can wait at lobby if you arrive at hotel before check in time.

Q. Is there hair dryer inside room?
All the garden suite room have hair dryer in the room.
Standard type room does not have one in the room.
We have many hair dryers in public bath and open air hot spring.
We have limited number of hair dryers for rental service.

Q?How much is price for children?
?0 years old is free of charge.
?for 1 - 2 year old, price is 2000 yen (tax excluded).
?for 3 years old, price is 3500 yen (tax excluded).
?from 4 years old to 12 years old, price is half of adult's.

For Japanese meal, we do not include kid's meal for child under 3 years old. You can request kid's lunch for 3000 yen.

Q?Can we see ocean from the room?
Guest can enjoy ocean view from all the room since our hotel is built on small hill.
There are only few hotels that guest can enjoy ocean view from all the rooms.

Q. Do you accommodate pets?
Unfortunately, we do not accept pets apart from guide dogs.
If you want to keep your pets inside car, we can park your car to parking lot with roof.
*We have limited number of parking lots with roof, so please request in advance.

Q?What time do you start dinner buffet?
Dinner start from 6 pm for both Japanese dining and buffet dining.
Last order is 8 pm and we close restaurant at 9pm.

Q.Is there high chair for children at the restaurant?
There is child chair which you can put on top of normal chair.
There is no strap to attach this to chair, and this is shared chair.
You may bring your own child's chair if you have one. 

Q?How is signal of mobile phone?
Signal is strong in the rooms, restaurant, convention hall.

Q?Where can I find bath towel, tooth brush?
You can find bath towel, face towel and tooth brush in your room.

Q?Do you have pick up service from Ito station?
We have shuttle bus service from 13:30 to 17:30.
Bus will be waiting for train's arrival.
Shuttle bus is operated between hotel and station.

Q?Can we send our luggage in advance before our check-in?
We can store your luggage until your arrival.

Ito Hotel Juraku
Oka 281Ito, Shizuoka
414-0055 Japan

Please send to Front desk.
*Please make sure to write your name that you used for reservation and staying date on shipping note.
You can also send package from our shop inside hotel.

Q?May I know the details of pool?
Pool is outdoor, 20 meter long, 7 meter width.
Pool open from July 1st every year
There are 90 cm depth pool for adult and 60 cm depth for children.
It is free of charge for staying guests. (Guest can use before check-in and after check-out)
Changing room, washing machine and shower is available. (Bathroom is available inside hotel only)

Q?Is parking lot nearby?
*There are 80 parking lots available for free.
*Double decker bus can also be parked, so full size van can be parked.
Motor bike is reccommended to park under the roof.

Q?Do you accept credit card? or debit card?
We accept JCB, VISA, Master, Million, Amex, DC, Diners, NICOS/SAISON, CF.
We also accept debit card. 

Q?Do you send seasonal direct mail?
We would love to.
Please let us know your address, postal code, name and phone number by email.

Q?What time is morning buffet? 
Morning buffet is available from 7 am.
Please enter buffet venue by 9 am.
Restaurant close at 9:30 am.

Q?Can we use stroller inside hotel?
You can use stroller except stairs
Stroller can be used at buffet restaurant as well. 

Q?Can we use public bath if we have tattoos?
Guest with tattoo are not allowed to bath. Thank you for understanding.

Q?Can we walk around inside the hotel with Yukata?
You can go to anywhere inside the hotel with Yukata.
When you go outside, we do not have geta (wooden clogs) for outside, so please wear slipper to go outside.

Q?Are there non-smoking rooms?
Garden Suite with Sea View - Non Smoking
Deluxe room with Tatami area - Non Smoking
Those are non-smoking room.

Q?Can we smoke somewhere except smoking room? 
For smoking, please go to smoking booth located at 3rd floor.
Other facilities are non-smoking.

Q?Can I use internet with my laptop?
Wifi is available at lobby and in your room.

Q?Is there wheel chair rental?
We have 2 wheel chair at our hotel.
Please make reservation in advance as we have limited number of wheel chairs.
Please let us know if you are traveling with wheel chair for smooth operation.

 Q?I'm using wheel chair. Is this hotel barrier-free?
We are not fully barrier free but we try our best to provide comfortable stay.
We have slope from parking lot to our hotel, wheel chair lift for main stair near front desk, we also have universal design toilet.